Thursday, February 08, 2007

'Deep Economy' - Bill McKibben's New Book

Bill McKibben's new book 'Deep Economy' will be out in March 2007. I can't wait to read it! This is a book that I'll buy new and I will also suggest that our public library get it. (I almost *never* buy new books, but I will this time.)

Amazon is taking pre-orders now. On his website, McKibben asks that people purchase the book through their local bookstore and I would if I could! But we don't have a local bookstore - none in the county that we are aware of, in fact. So I'll order it from Amazon.

Amazon's page on 'Deep Ecology':

McKibben's site has a good write-up on it:

Folks, it would a great idea if you print the description of this book, and take it to your local library, requesting that they buy it. The Amazon page has two reviews that are used by libraries; so this would probably be of use to your librarian.

Better yet, order several copies of the book - keep one, and give the others to the library, and maybe even some to friends and family if you can afford it.

This is one thing that we all can do, every one of us, that would be direct and helpful action with regard to both Peak Oil and Global Warming. Even if you cannot afford to buy the book, you can almost undoubtedly manage to print the description and take it to your library.



At Saturday, 10 March, 2007, Anonymous Barb Miller said...

We do have a local bookstore Pat - It's called "My Shelf Books" on Main St. in Wellsboro. They're located near the Shabby Rue.


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